Save [Y-OB00110]

Save [Y-OB00110]

販売価格: ¥21,000(税別)

(税込価格: ¥22,680)



“ 国を守る軍隊は もはや この世界には必要なく
地球を守るという 意識が この世界に必要である "
The force isn't necessary to save each country or the world as a whole,rather thr world needs a new consciousness toward saving the earth altogether.


Price      ¥21,000〜 (デザイン+縫製)

Fabric     Cotton + Polyester 100%


古着のミリタリー&トレンチコートを3way size のBagへRebirth★
This clothes was remade from used military &
Trench coat.

★Decob Award 受賞作★




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※Rebirth order...
古着・古布をお持ち込み頂く、または Yuha* Labにて お好きな素材をお選び頂き、ご希望へお仕立てするサービス。



This is a sample of rebirthing clothes. Please contact me or visit at Yuha Lab with your uesd stuff. You can also choice some materials for your order in Yuha* Lab.

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